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Arte Divino Studio & Atelliér is the artistic outlet for the diverse and inspiring works of Mauricio ARCESIO. Mauricio is a Colombian-born (Caleño) American with deep passions for the creative arts. He pledges a life-long commitment to communicate the endless possibilities of Love and Joy to the world through his artistic endeavors. He works in myriad mediums such as charcoals, pastels, oils, acrylics, and pencil on surfaces just as diverse. These works appear on veneers, hand-textured and etched gatorboards, specialty papers such as kozo papers and Japanese tree bark, papyrus and other textured materials.


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Arte Divino Studio & Ateliér

Arte Divino Studio & Atelliér is the artistic portal and enduring home for the diverse and celebrated works of Mauricio ARCESIO. Mauricio discusses his passion for LIFE, roots in ART and his process of creation:

My artwork reflects the wonderful experience that life itself represents and of my experiences in the Western U.S., a major source of inspiration. God and life itself have given me the gift and opportunity to express joy, love, awareness and the abundance of light and color through my artwork. What most people call talent, is not so in my case; for me, it is about the energy and creative passion that I feel within and without, which in turn inspires me to develop as a better human being and a more worthy recipient of my calling and place on this wonderful planet.”

Mauricio Arcesio in a Santa Barbara, CA Studio session.

Art and all creative manifestations guide and turn me into an earthly instrument using Light, Joy and Love to rejoice in the world that we live in and to marvel at the amazing journey of which we are part. Life is indeed a canvas filled with endless possibilities and infinite abundance !! ”

ARCESIO's work can be found hung in private galleries around the United States as well as select foreign homes.

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